The Early Days

Evalesco was established in 2003 by two guys, Robert Renaud and Roy Golden, with a dream to set out in the aftermath of businesses going belly up from the recent Internet bust and making a difference with hopes of a bright future. “I had just come from riding the wave of an Internet start-up which came to an untimely demise so I knew to remain realistic with plans of starting small and growing solid business relationships,” stated Robert Renaud with a gleam in his eye.

Those business relationships grew in the medical field where Evalesco established their niche. They focused on OB/GYN practices after realizing how the doctor-patient relationship lasted a lifetime. “We came to understand how these relationships expanded from generation to generation and noticed how patients wanted to openly communicate with their doctors,” recalls Renaud. Incorporating Heath Care Social Media or using the hashtag #HCSM on Twitter became broadly used among heath care professionals. Women started “friending” their doctors on Facebook while still retaining HIPAA compliance.

With the advent of Electronic Health Records, that too became an avenue for driving patients online. Patients no longer needed to download forms and waste paper like the old days. Do everything online. Streamlining office tasks and reducing the amount of incoming phone calls became an objective for Evalesco.

Having Fun


Ironman Florida 120.6 miles down and 20 miles to go.

In 2004 Robert became interested in triathlons after accompanying a friend to an informational meeting with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training. “I stuck my head into the meeting room where they were talking about triathlons and the rest is history.” He completed 6 races that year. Over the next 4 years he raised over $20,000 dollars for the LLS and raced in Hawaii several times.

He became very involved in the triathlon community especially while training for his first Ironman in Panama City Beach, Florida. “I loved the sport and wanted to tie that with my entrepreneurial spirit.” After spending so many hours training it was the obvious choice. Building online communities for athletes became the next venture to coordinate teams and establish communication. Organizing group workouts, scheduling travel and posting race results became features used on team web sites.

Having Faith

In 2013 there was a desire to do more with a definite purpose in mind. Creating a directory for churches and organizations to publicize their services was the next idea. Seeing small churches that did not have the resources to offer their congregations and very large churches doing away with needed programs became a concern.

I believe it was our God-given purpose.

“I saw people living with struggles like drug addiction, mental disorders, poverty, abuse, and loneliness… but there were no resources available to get help.” Renaud stated, “I believe it was our God-given purpose.” And the story continues as Evalesco follows the initial desire of “making a difference with hopes of a bright future.”

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