Contact Database
The integrated contact database is populated and updated automatically. Segment contacts into groups and delegate access to specific users.

E-Mail Subscriptions
Allow registered website users to add and remove themselves from one or more mailing lists at any time.

Mailing Lists
Allow your registered site visitors or members to opt-in and opt-out of any number of e-mail lists through their online account at any time.

List Moderators
Flexible access control over contact groups and mailing lists mean you can restrict access and delegate management and e-mail broadcasting.

Address Book Upload
Upload your existing address books from Outlook, Google, Yahoo!, ACT!, customer database, or CRM system.

Send e-Newsletters
Save postage and printing by e-mailing your newsletters to any number of mailing lists. Duplicate addresses and opt-outs are handled automatically.

Registered users can login and update their contact information and preferences at any time.

Branded Messages
Keep your presence known by broadcasting full color HTML e-mails with clickable menus, links, and photos.

Scheduled Delivery
Schedule a future date and time to send your e-mail campaigns and they will be sent unattended.

Opt-Out Management
E-mail recipients can add or remove themselves from any mailing list instantly by clicking the link included with each e-mail message sent.

Tracking Codes
Attach tracking codes to any page link to track visitor actions from specific e-mail campaigns.

Offer Links
Attach offer codes to any web page link and customers will not have to remember to enter the order code during checkout.

Short Links
Attach memorable aliases to any page so your ad campaigns are easy to remember and manage (example:

Use Your Mail Server
SPAM filters also trap legitimate e-mail from third-party mail services.  Optionally route your campaigns through your organization’s mail server for higher delivery rates.

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