Real-World Commerce
Easily manage orders for shippable merchandise, donations, payments, recurring fees, perishable goods, and gifts to multiple recipients with a single e-commerce solution.

Order Forms
Products can be displayed on order forms in many different ways, depending on the eCommerce application. Link any number of order forms together to guide customers through specialized order processes.

Personalized Quotes
E-mail personalized quotes or saved carts that can be updated by both the customer and your sales team.

Product Catalogs
Create product and service catalogs for browsing products by brand, type, price, or other groupings.

Customizable Product Displays
Enhance product sales with photos and formatting.

Accept Credit & Debit Cards
Payments are deposited into your bank account automatically through a real-time secure gateway after the purchase card is checked for fraud and available credit. Several payment gateways to choose from.

Accept PayPal Payments
Allow your customers to purchase your products and services using their PayPal account.

Collect Donations & Dues
Allow your sponsors to securely contribute a one-time or recurring donation to one or more funds using their credit or debit card.

Sell Recurring Services
Automatically charge a debit or credit card for recurring service fees over a period of time.

Sell Access
Sell access to private site areas, content, micro sites, downloads, documents, or multimedia. Access can be granted automatically upon online purchase.

Sell Downloads
Offer downloadable goods such as software and e-Books. Once ordered, a link to the protected downloads can be send via e-mail automatically.

Sell Gifts
Easily handle multiple shipping addresses and shipping methods per order, and even warn the shopper if arrival before a special date or occasion cannot be guaranteed.

Sell Perishable Items
Specify how each product is shipped, how quickly each must arrive, and limit the shipping destinations and PO Box deliveries.

Special Offers
Create discounts for preferred customers or to move certain products.  Special offers can be based on offer codes, products, quantities, key codes, or date ranges.

Express Checkout
Billing and shipping information is pre-filled automatically for returning customers.

Products and offers can be displayed based on products placed in the shopping cart. As products and quantities change, new deals can be continually offered, increasing sales.

Order History
Customers can return at any time and view past orders and reprint receipts.

Instant Reordering
Customer can return and quickly reorder products and services.

Saved Carts
Visitors can easily return to your website and retrieve saved carts, incomplete orders, or unprocessed donations.

Customized Checkout
Collect custom fields during checkout for specialty products and services.

Tax can be applied by product, state or province, country, or shipping method.

Sell tax-exempt items and manage orders from resellers or non-profits.

Address Book
A personalized address book is created for each customer so shipping addresses can be recalled instantly.

Customized Receipts
Display a customized order receipt and optionally e-mail product-specific information for each product ordered.

Drop Shipments
Specify an e-mail address that will receive an e-mail copy of any orders that include a specific product.

Account Management
Customers can login and update their contact, billing, shipping, address book, and e-mail preferences in one convenient location.

Sales Commissions
Manage sales affiliates and partners that drive traffic to your web store.  Flexible commission rates can be set for each affiliate and/or product. Affiliates can login and track their commissions in real time.

Multiple Currencies
Allow your site visitors to display your prices and fees in their own currency.  Even automate conversion rate updates over the Internet.

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