Public & Private Web Forms
Make your web forms available to all visitors of your website, or place them behind a login so that only your staff, customers, members, patients or specific users can submit them.

Secure Forms
If you are collecting sensitive personal or financial information, we can encrypt any web form.

Secure Form Data
Restrict access to any collected form data for total security and control.

HIPAA & PCI Compliant
Securing personal information is top priority with strong passwords and browser encryption for all logins and information exchanges.

Data Views
Build your own custom data views from any captured form data for visitors to browse or search. Add these views to any page and restrict access to them.

Online Registration
A unique reference code is assigned to each submitted form for tracking and auditing.

Online Surveys
Create a survey to gather feedback from your customers or members. Coordinators can be notified via e-mail when surveys are received and view results within a spreadsheet.

Contact Forms
Add contact forms to your website to capture and route requests. Contacts are automatically added to the contact database and auto-responders and notifications are e-mailed.

Guest Book
Let visitors post notes on your website.

Classified Ads
Allow guests or members to post items of interest for others to read.

Pre-fill Forms
Connect any web form to the contact database to automatically pre-fill form fields and update the contact database.

Sign-up Forms
Allow visitors or members to sign up for events online. E-mail event information to the submitter automatically and notify the event coordinator when a registration is completed.

File Attachments
Web forms can accept file attachments that are automatically uploaded to the web server and secured in the file repository.

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