Visitor Reports
Intelligent profiling reports each visitor’s IP address, referring website, search engine, keywords, landing page, tracking code, offer code, number of page views, and whether they submitted a form or started an order.

User Reports
Track all user actions and updates to pages, files, forms, products, users, contacts, and campaigns.

Order Reports
Create a spreadsheet or text file of all orders by number, product, date range, customer, recipient, or transaction id, making fulfillment easy.

Form Reports
View submitted form data online or in a spreadsheet. Additional tracking information can also be viewed including the submitter’s IP address, reference code, timestamp, and user account.

Contacts Reports
Filter and view contacts by status, keyword, field, date range, group, or mailing list. Contacts can be viewed online or exported to a spreadsheet.

Sales Commission Reports
View all sales commissions by affiliate code and order in one place.

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