Personalized Menus
Content and features are hidden and secured automatically from users without authorization.

User Management
Flexible access control to features and content allow you to setup custom levels of access for Web Designers, Site Managers, Campaign Managers, eCommerce Managers, Mailing List Moderators, Content Editors, Staff, Members, Customers, Guests, Patients and Visitors.

Membership Management
Import your member database and create members-only site areas where members can login and securely update their contact information.

Private Content
Prevent unauthorized “deep-linking” by requiring users to authenticate before granting access to protected web pages, files, documents, forms, calendars, or data views.

SSL Support
Secure Socket Layer encryption is integrated into eCommerce features but can also be enabled for all features and access for ultimate in website security.

Payment-Based Access
Create a subscription-based website and grant access to private web portals, downloads, or data automatically upon online payment. Optionally expire access after some period of time.

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