shoppingEvalesco now offers services for retail stores and restaurants who want more control over their sales and marketing efforts as a reseller for both ShopKeep and Shopify. Get rid of that old cash register or PC point of sale system and conduct all of your transactions with an iPad. If you need an additional register, all you need is another iPad to integrate with your new system.

Use a Bluetooth barcode scanner to speed up the checkout process or use existing barcodes to easily add inventory.

Accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express using a card reader or use an external card terminal that you already own. You can even split tenders in a single transaction if using cash and a credit card or using multiple credit cards. While you’re at it, you might as well accept gold coins, IOUs, checks or any custom payment options.


Offer your customers the opportunity to invite more customers to your business by selling gift cards that can be redeemed in person or online. Also capture your customers’ email addresses to send them specials or newsletters to keep them engaged with your business. Give your customers the option to receive an email receipt where you can include new offers and links to your social media pages.


Keep track of all employee hours through your new system which also acts as a time clock. You will get detailed shift reports to see how well you are doing. You will be able to determine when your peak hours are during the day and be able to manage staffing better.

Peace of Mind

Take that much needed vacation knowing that you can check on the status of your business with a free app in real-time. Compare sales from one day to the next, see inventory or shift reports, and you can analyze transactions. Or, you could just lie on the beach and drink a Piña Colada because after all that is why you work so hard.

Contact us today and we can get started on helping you take control of your business before it takes control of you.

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