I have lots of friends and colleagues who produce incredible work. I am astonished by their creativity in music, photography and video production. But I am an entrepreneur. I work in marketing. I always want to help them by suggesting ways to monetize their efforts. Heck, if they can make more money doing what they are already doing, then they will have the time to produce more great work.

Monetize Your Videos

A friend of mine who produces unbelievable aerial videos recently reported that one of his videos passed the 100,000 views mark on YouTube. His work is so beautiful that it inspires me to get back into video production. But his videos have no ads. That may be a good thing in this present world where everything contains ads. But I know that he works hard, has a family and has another baby on the way. Baby needs a new pair of shoes, right?


Sell Stock Photography

I have another friend working as a photographer. She has amazing talent and evokes the beauty in her subjects. My suggestion for her is to sell stock photography through Getty Images. Just from my own observation, the highest priced and most in demand photos seem to be active elderly people. If you think about the most sought after demographic today, it would be services to the elderly. But my point is, when you’re going to be on a photo shoot anyway, you might as well take some photos specifically for selling royalty-free images while paying your models accordingly.


Coaching & Consulting

I know lots of coaches and athletes. My suggestion to them is to capture those coaching sessions on video. You can sell subscriptions through YouTube for a video series or to an entire channel. Whether you are coaching or making a presentation, capture that valuable content and make it available to viewers who are willing to pay for your instruction. Selling subscriptions or monetizing videos as mentioned above could be a new revenue stream for those willing to add a twist to things they are already doing.

Bring me your idea. We can brainstorm. Let’s find some solutions.



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