Typing workerI had this discussion the other day with a friend/restaurant owner on how he was promoting his business. He told me he was posting his weekly specials on his restaurant’s Facebook page. So I asked him, “who are you trying to promote?” He looked at me kind of puzzled and said he was obviously trying to promote his restaurant. So I asked him, “which are you promoting in this manner – Facebook or your own web site?”

You see folks, when you post all of your new content on Facebook rather than your own web site, you are promoting Facebook. You are increasing traffic to Facebook. But some may argue that they are promoting their Facebook page which is promoting their business. But I would argue back, “how does this create new customers?” Only the people who have already liked your page are seeing those weekly specials.

Change your mindset. Promote your web site using Facebook or Twitter.

If I were a potential new customer searching the web for a restaurant in your area, how could I find a restaurant’s web site that is rarely updated and doesn’t have any fresh content? Unless you’re relying on your Yelp or Urbanspoon reviews, that may be all you have going for you.

Try this for a Change

Post your weekly specials on your web site and share the link on Facebook. But my friend, the restaurant owner, argued that he would need to hire someone to post those updates. He told me he had someone working on his new web site. I am just hoping he is able to edit it himself or is on a monthly plan that allows for regular updates.

But I feel his pain. If I had a restaurant I would focus on the kitchen and customers. If I was a doctor I would focus on medicine and patients. Who has the time to learn or wants to handle web updates? You should contact us. We can handle updates for you or teach one of your employees how to take care of it for you.


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