graduateI’ve noticed a trend in this generation with the rise of entrepreneurism since the advent of the Internet. The attitude of Generation X and Y should not go unnoticed. The ideals of yesteryear of going to college, finding a career, spending the majority of your life trying to make it to middle management and retiring comfortably before you are dead is no longer the “American Dream”. This generation wants quality over quantity with purpose over a paycheck. The dreams of working inside a cubicle, however glamorous that may sound, might as well be a coffin.

I unconsciously took that route. That is what my parents did. But I looked at my grandparents who were all entrepreneurs. My great-grandfather owned a movie theater. My grandfather owned a grocery store and also had a farm. My grandmother owned a restaurant and rental property. I must have had that same drive living inside of me.

Nowadays it doesn’t take much initiative to become self-employed. It takes a dream and a goal. It doesn’t really take that much money to get started. With online resources such as Ebay, Amazon, and Craigslist, your marketplace has already been established. Sourcing inventory through sites like Alibaba, Overstock, and are an entrepreneur’s paradise.


Learn New Skills

We have come to a time in history where, in my opinion, a 4 year degree is questionable whether it is even needed when the goal is to pursue a career in: marketing, finance, project management, software or web development, IT, web or graphic design, and photography or video production. Online courses are available at a fraction of the cost of a college or university. I urge parents to enroll their children in online courses from Udemy before figuring out what their kids really want to do with their lives before opening up their wallets. You can find most courses priced between $0 to $100. Some courses are priced higher but look for monthly specials. Start learning on Udemy today! Check back often to find more specials.

I have 2 degrees and no one has ever asked to see my diploma or GPA. I worked my way through college and gained some valuable wisdom during those times, however. But you will gain wisdom by moving forward in life. When high school students have no aspirations of using their minds to be an asset to society, we all lose.

We live in some great times. We have the opportunity to take chances no matter what situation you may be facing. But just like any substantial endeavor, it takes a dream and a goal. So start dreaming and put your goals down on paper. Take a chance today!

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